LLinda McKendry, VMPC

Visual Merchandising Presentation Consultant: 
Retail Industry Trade Resource.

Her mission is to do Consulting, Instructing, Public Speaking, and Publishing in the Science and Art of Merchandising and Display as it applies to Point of Purchase for Small Retailers.

Her 'talk & techniques' will

◊ Visual Merchandising Presentation     Consultant
◊ Seminar Leader for National Gift Shows in Canada and USA
◊ Conference Speaker for Associations and Corporate Dealer Net Works
◊ Display Columnist in Industry Trade Magazines (Journalism Award)
◊ Author of Published Books on VMP & Display (now offered as e-books)
◊ Commercial Artists combining Graphic and Fine Art

Linda takes "people, places, products and perceptions" to the next level of increase. Before it was popular, she was promoting re-cycling, re-furbishing, and re-storing fixtures and furnishings. VMP & Display principles and rules are taught and illustrated in e-books, quick notes (seminar handouts) and videos.

All have been tested in real life stores, shops, showrooms, trade show booths, and kiosks. The principles apply to online images of products for photos. Linda is not retired, as in "tired again" but is "re-treaded" as in a tire that will go on running for a long time to come!

What people have said...

"I have to tell you that your name is mentioned at least four times a week! Linda said...Her book said...Her report said... Every time we approach our merchandising "amuse, don't confuse, 'rise and shine' color, pattern, and style'" ring in our ears.
       Kelly & Denyse, Ganzee, GCS Barbados

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"We have been swamped with business.  Our sales have increased at least 5 times.  We are already sending in reorders for items we are sold out of.  ... I guess we are a big hit downtown."  

     Life's LIttle Treasures, Boise Idaho, USA 

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Linda demonstrating display principles with body language or cute products!  Always with 'talk and techniques' to help merchants learn how to impact shoppers and increase sales and profits!