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Show 'n Sell: 

Problem: Do I have to know exactly where a product line is goind before I purchase it?

  • NO! Relax. Enjoy being a buyer for a change
  • Use fixtures, crates and risers to full advantage.
  • Grouping rules make room

Show On, Show Off:

Problem: What ideas can I take from trade show exhibits as a retailer?
  • Bring plans & pictures of your store with you.
  • Plan 'possibilities with flexibility 
    What gets your attention as a buyer? Reproduct that! 

Soothing the Senses

Problem: How do I create soothing ambiance to calm and energize customers? 
  • Learn what enhances 'moods'
  • Add scents and sounds to sight
  • Avoid extremes of 'sense appeal' 
  • Reduce visual chaos with good merchandising. 

Spotlighting Best Sellers

Problem: Should out best sellers be displayed at the back, center, front or by the cash register?
  • Know the "hot" spots in your store
  • Cross merchandise best sellers with other items
  • Use different props for more target marketing with them

Spring Displays 

Problem: What can I do to bring Spring to my store and products?
  • Use 3 B's: Big, Bold, and Bright
  • Bring 'buzz' into the community
  • Make maximum use of your props.
  • Use 'mega' props to point to products. 

Gifts & Dec


Taking Stock of The Store

Problem: How can I place my goods to increase bakery sales?
  • Rotate into Prime Selling Space
  • Target Market
  • Rise and Shine Princple
  • List of Five Merchandising Methods. 
  • Invest in Real Fake Food! 

The Store as a Stage 

Problem: What can I do to stage my products for a 'great show"?
  • Add drama for rave reviews
  • Work within a budget
  • Invite shoppers to step up onto your stage
  • Give the 'start' center stage.
Tradition with a Twist (Christmas)
Problem: I need some fresh ideas for Chsitmas and Holiday displays. 
  • Create distinction from others
    Make a little go a long way.
  • Combine untraditional colors and patterns
  • Bring in fantasy and trends.

Traditions and Trends:  

Problem : Why do colors, patterns, and styles drive trends & sales?  

  • Understand trends and cycles   
  • Physiological response to color
  • Trends and current culture changes
  • One of the trends will always be “traditional”

Tried, Tested, & True 

Problem: How Can I give my shop a  new look without major renovation?
  • Revive and re-purpose old stuff
  • Invest in new props, or fixtures
  • Borrow items for temporary use
  • Know the trends and keep out of the "blues"!

Wake Up. Smell the roses! 

Problem: My products change daily, but my shop feels stale & dated.
  • Re-Invent Yourself
  • Create displays that 'sizzle'
  • Enliven Ceilings and Walls
  • Inspire more sales with Visual Impact

Opposites Attract

Problem: Help! What can I do to reduce clutter and add WOW?

  • Contrasts brighten "ho-hum"
  • Work with textures, colors, and patterns to enhance interest.
  • Avoid competing groups/ items.
  • Keep the ‘stories' clear!

Pushing the Picture

Problem: How can I get  "extreme"€™ attention for my Store & Products?

  • Change it up often, even daily!
  • Target color and style Trends
  • Amuse, don'€™t confuse.  Theme.
  • Use €˜"mega" props for extreme impact!

Romancing The Home

Problem: How can I display items that would make great home accessories? 

  • Re-create home environments
  • Target Home Fashion Trends
  • Accent with residential lighting.
  • Separate Decor themes

Selling Souvenirs

Problem: How can I display my items for tourists and locals?

  • What is a souvenir?
  • Sell to "Collectors" everywhere!
  • Support local artisans & artists.
  • Sign to Motivate all buyers!