* Goods to be Sold, must First be Seen 

* Define and Confine Principle

* Color Rules: #1 selling factor! 

PART II - How to Fix a Bad Display 

* Avoid Visual Chaos - Organise

* Group Similar Items 

* If in doubt, leave it out, IF one is wrong! 

PART III - Deal With Dead Stock Delima 

Display, before you discount!

* Abundance is dense groups that co-irdinate.

* Increase value by donating as promotion.  

PLAY ALL - BASICS of Building Displays

* Display Building Basics

* How to Improve a Negative Display 

* Dealing with 'dead' stock. 

     Many large corporation CEOs attended the Display Seminars I gave at the International Trade Shows.  Even though my target audience is the Independent Retailer, they recognised that the 'talk and techniques' I used help small retailers, which they wanted to share with their National dealer networks.

     The video featured here was done for Home Hardware when they increased their lines and departments to include Home Furnishings and Accessories, and Gourmet and Garden.   Lighting is the only element I do not discuss because the lighting options for their retail stores were fixed.

     Look past the actual products themselves to the PRINCIPLES being discussed and shown. These are timeless!  After you have seen these videos, feel free to explore other digital products being added weekly on our on-line store.